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I've been working with Elena for over 2 years on casual and formal outfits. She has a knack for understanding my needs and has enouraged me try styles that I wouldn't have explored on my own. I hate shopping, but with Elena it is fun. I look great and never have to worry about what to wear at the next event.

Mel W

Elena truly has a gift for sensing your personal style and finding an image that works for you. And she makes the whole process engaging and interactive, without feeling like you are being criticized.  Elena's closet-cleanout was LIFE CHANGING! She combed through my closets with a keen eye and analyzed each piece for fit, style and overall appearance. I felt such a sense of freedom as my closet shrank, leaving only the versatile items that filled me with confidence and that really made me look my best.  She also introduced the critical concept of fit. My wardrobe got a huge lift just by taking certain pieces to a tailor. Suddenly a pair of pants or a dress took on a whole new, flattering look.


Elena also has a spectacular sense of style and critical eye it comes to shopping. I walk into a Century 21 and feel overwhelmed, but she zeros in immediately on pieces that magically fit and make me look good. She advised on what pieces to invest in (a timeless bag, fabulous boots, excellent jeans) and where I can cut corners. She also has a skill for determining how to wear your clothes in different ways and jazz outfits up or down with accessories, like a well-placed scarf or pendant necklace.


No matter what the occasion, whether it's a fundraiser or a casual afternoon in the park, I dress in a way that looks for me.  My closet is organized and doesn't intimidate me when I glance inside to put together an outfit. Clothes seem fun to me, as a way to express myself and arm myself with confidence in situations at work. Rather than hearing "love that dress," I now here "you look great in that outfit." Thank you, Elena!

Polly W

Elena is an amazing stylist!! She knows what works well for each customer based on their own taste, preferences, body type, coloring and budget. Her wardrobe consultation service was a lifesaver for me! And, she goes the extra mile to make the shopping experience easy, fast and fun. I highly recommend Elena!

Debbie B

Elena came to my apartment and did a full assessment of my coloring, body type, and wardrobe. She is very sweet, easy to talk to, and very knowledgable. After going through my wardrobe and getting rid of the items that did not flatter my body, we made a list of things I needed. The next day Elena pre-shopped for me at Bloomingdales and Banana Republic. This made shopping the next day an absolute pleasure!!! We had so much fun trying on all of the items and making all kinds of outfits. I loved spending time with Elena and love all of the clothing (and shoes!) we bought together. Also, given her savvy connections-- I think I saved more money by shopping with her than if I had without her!

Ilana B.

I can't say enough about how much I enjoy working with Elena! From closet makeovers to helping me shop for the perfect event outfits she has helped me feel confident and stylish at every turn. Elena has an excellent eye and has surprised me so many times by encouraging me to try new things and also by making my current wardrobe feel new, combining things I'd never have considered. It also happens that she is just fun to be around and makes what can be a little stressful (at least for me!) a relaxed and enjoyable process. Can't recommend her enough!

Karen W

Elena came to my home and went through my closet with me. She helped me resolve unfinished outfits, and helped me figure out why I never wore some of the thing I have held on to. The fit wasn't right or the color wasn't flattering. Finally I am able to part with clothing I never wore! She also gave me great tips on brands that would fit me well, and know who was caring the things I am looking for this season. Amazing for a working mom!

Mary E

I recently worked with Elena on a personal/professional wardrobe upgrade and she was phenomenal. As a woman in the finance industry, it’s important that I dress for the role and I needed some help with adding a classic edginess to my existing style. Elena did an amazing job culling a portfolio of outfits for me via a pre-shopping trip (saved me time!) so that when I arrived for my appointment, all I had to do was try on clothes. It was efficient and, most importantly, fun.

Elena has impeccable taste and did a great job finding unique pieces for me to add to my existing wardrobe in addition to creating new, stylish looks for me to wear from work to evening. I would recommend her services for a complete wardrobe overhaul to a one-off event where you need a special outfit to wear. Either way, Elena’s warm personality coupled with her ability to navigate the current fashion trends makes her worth every penny!

Jamie P

When meeting Elena I thought I was pretty good at shopping and fashion.  What I discovered was that I was good at buying clothes that looked Ok, but nothing to get noticed.  I was turning 40 and dressing a lot older and kind of boring.  She helped me (very subtly) see that I should step outside my box.  I didn’t have the confidence in my body or the ability to make choices that were not safe (I wore a lot of cardigans).  But after my experience with Elena who showed me how to shop my closet, and put together outfits I would never choose, I now have the tips to use what I already own. 


It was eye opening to put on clothes you think match your body type but do not.  After our shopping trips, I now have the confidence to look at clothes in a different light.  I like shopping now!  And she also showed me that fashion does not have to cost a lot either.  You can truly look fabulous at any price point.   Just some tips on my coloring, and body type has helped me be so comfortable and confident when I shop!  Bring on spring and summer.

Kathleen Y

Working with Elena was truly a life changing experience. She really works to understand your personal styling and organizational goals and gives very direct and warm guidance on how to make the upgrades that you most need. I now get dressed everyday with more ease and confidence and feel good about what's in my closet. I can't recommend Elena highly enough!!! She will rock your world.

Erica W

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