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Born and raised in Italy, I discovered my love of fashion at an early age, learning about fabrics, color and textures while working for my father at his clothing boutique. With a degree in International Political Sciences I found my first job in  Paris and then moved on to London to work in the advertising industry, I jumped the pond to New York City in 2011 where I decided to switch careers, study at the F.I.T. and go back to my true loves: fashion and people.


With a finger on the pulse of both New York fashion and the European trends, my devotion to the art of clothes and accessories runs the gamut from baseline priced street style to couture. With my stylist and organizational expertise, I will create a wardrobe that works with your silhouette and skin tone, and of course, your budget. 


Everyone is different. I love to understand each persons unique personality and help them feel great by allowing that personality to be reflected through what they wear.

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